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The first to study multiple sclerosis and characterize it in his notes was the French psychiatrist Jean-Martin Charcot. A feature of the disease is indiscriminateness: it can occur both in the elderly and in the young and even in children. Multiple sclerosis simultaneously affects several parts of Propranolol pills nervous system, which entails the manifestation of various neurological symptoms in patients. Possible external factors are stress, and adverse environmental influences.

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The second step should be a blood test for biochemistry and rheumatic tests.
For residual confirmation of the diagnosis, immunological tests are needed.
In 90% they give an affirmative answer in rheumatoid arthritis, more than 50% confirm Sjögren's syndrome and in a third of cases indicate other autoimmune diseases. Many of them are characterized by the same type of development dynamics.
Diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases.

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In the presence of an autoimmune disease, there is an increased production of antibodies by the body against the background of the development of pathology. Modern medicine does not have a single and perfect method of treating autoimmune diseases. Its methods are aimed at the final stage of the process and can only alleviate the symptoms. Treatment of an autoimmune disease should be strictly controlled by an appropriate specialist, since existing inderal drugs cause inhibition of the immune system, which, in turn, can lead to the development of oncological or infectious diseases.
The treatment of autoimmune diseases is a long systematic process under the supervision of a physician.
Autoimmune polyendocrine (polyglandular) syndrome, abbr. APGS is a severe primary disease of several organs of the endocrine system simultaneously.
The combination of affected glands, the involvement of other organs, the clinical picture may be different. In general, there are two main types of AHPS. Whitaker's syndrome, or candidopolyendocrine syndrome type 1, is a rare territory-dependent disease that is more often diagnosed at the age of 10-13 years (one of the synonyms is juvenile, juvenile polyendocrinopathy) in relatively closed groups in Finland, buy Inderal pills online communities of Iran, on the island of Sardinia ; the incidence in these regions is approximately 0.004% of the population.
Type 2 AHPS (including Schmidt's syndrome and Carpenter's syndrome) is much more common, predominantly in women of reproductive age, but its etiology remains unclear.
Both types of AHPS are inherited diseases. With type 1, brothers and sisters in the same generation are sick; mutates the gene responsible for the protein regulation of immunity at the cell level and the creation of a mechanism for general immune resistance.
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Type 2 AHPS can occur in members of the same family for two or more generations.


The disease develops against the background of pathological aggression of HLA antigens, which occurs as a result of external influence.